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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your logo a router plane?, 
– The logo represents our first tool and is the reason Tees Valley Tool Works came into being in the first place. From this acorn we hope many other tools will grow.

2. What other tools do you plan to make?
– When we have established making the 1399p we intend to make an new version of the Edward Preston 1397 which is a medium sized router plane. We also have plans for a small brass dovetailing hammer. If you have any suggestions please register with us.

3. What will the 1399P be made from?
– The main part of the tool is a high quality ductile iron casting made here in the UK, the loose parts are mild steel or brass and the wooden handles are made from sustainably grown hardwood, the prototype handles are made of Beech.

4. When can we buy the tools?
– The first batch of 1399 planes will be available via the Kickstarter crowdfunding, the launch has been delayed due to the pandemic.

5. What happens if you don’t get all the kickstarter money?
– We have set the kickstarter goal as low as we can that enables us to get started manufactring the tools. If we do not reach our Kickstarter goal we will need to reconsider how we bring the tool to market.

6. When will the KickStarter be live?
– We plan to launch the KickStarter as soon as we feel we have generated enough interest in our project. If enough people register via this website we will launch immediately so if you have not done so already please register now.

7. What is KickStarter?
– Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. They describe it best themselves so click here to find out more.

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