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Welcome to the start of Tees Valley Tool Works. My journey started out of frustration. I really enjoy woodworking as a hobby and the maker community on YouTube both professional and hobbyist has helped me improve my skills. I really enjoy woodwork as a hobby as its gets me on my feet and using my mind and hands in a way that working on a computer screen most of the day does not.

I am mostly self taught I picked up a few things from my father and have attended a couple of woodworking courses. As I already mentioned I love learning from YouTube. One of my favourite makers is Paul Sellers. His YouTube Channel  is a great source of knowledge and instpiration. He additionally has a free website Common Woodworking which focuses on basic skills for woodworkers of all levels but a great place for beginners to learn. He also has another site Woodworking Master Classes which offers a combination of free and premium membership, here you will find more advanced projects and plans all of which will help you on your journey to be a better maker.

Paul advocates the use of hand router planes and he uses and likes the Edward Preston 1399P design but also uses others. He bemoanes the fact that they are no longer available and becoming increasingly unafordable on the second hand market places like eBay. Having watched him using one of these I tried to buy one without much success. I did eventually get a very well worn Tyzack one in late 2018 and wondered how easy it would be to make them here in the UK for sale. Little did I know the journey it has taken me on.

So far I have learned about pattern making, ductile iron casting, CNC machining, surface grinding and a few other manufacturing topics too many to list here. So far I have successfully made patterns for casting, had a batch of castings produced and had an initial prototype machined. I took my prototype to this years North of England Woodworking Show at Harrogate, the biggest one in the UK. I spoke to some tool resellers, hobby woodworkers and professional woodworkers. The 1399P went down really well and I got some great feedback from potential customers which I will use to refine my prototype.

I am currently working on getting some additional prototypes machined and also on producing some router plane blades. This is proving to be one of the more challenging aspects of the project and why my Kickstarter launch is still a few months away. I have also been working behind the scenes on my kickstarter plans so that its ready to launch when I have generated enough interest to get it off to a good initial start.

Well that’s enough for this blog, I am continuing to work on my project of Christmas if you are interested in following my progress drop me a line via my contact page and I’ll keep you updated.

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