Who We Are?

Our Mission

Tees Valley Tool Works is aiming to bring classic, reliable tools back into the mainstream.

We plan to take traditional classic in demand handtool designs, bring them up to date with improved materials and manufacturing quality.

We want to make sure that makers at all levels from home woodworkers to professional artisans have access to the best quality handtools at affordable prices.


The way it all works

We are looking for gaps in the hand tool market where we feel there is a demand for a classic tool thats difficult to obtain. We take that tool or images of it and bring it into the 21st Century using modern sustainable materials and processes. We make tools we want people to be able to use out of the box and continue to use for a lifetime.

The end result is a dependable, expertly crafted, refined tool that is built to be used by makers accross the world

Our Core Values

Hand tool woodworking is a theraputic, productive and ecologically sound past time and profession. We aim to make our tools as sutainably as possible here in the beutiful Tees Valley so that hoibby and professional artisans alike have the best heirloom quality tools available to enhance their making of beutiful things.

Sustaining skills and jobs here in the Tees Valley.

  • Lifetime, heirloom quality tools
  • For professionals and hobbyists alike
  • Crafted with high quality materials